Good Evening all,

Mistress is writing this news page from a very awkward position, my arm is cramping as I have moved my desktop into another room in the house, which is know my new office space, but due to everything not being set up correctly yet I am finding it difficult to say the least.

So think yourselves very lucky indeed that I am even writing this.

Shit Fire its hard trying to keep you all happy and deliver you all my much awaited news page, whilst sitting in a cramped up space, have the tables turned here, isn’t it you all that is supposed to make Mistresses life easier and make me happy and the apple of your eye haha, well one thing is for sure the tables have not been turned and I will not be no ones bitch hahah.

So foot slave is my little foot bitch from over the hills, it’s not that often we get together anymore due to the fact he lives 6 months of the year in another country, however he has been my foot slave for 6 years or there abouts.

Why has he been my foot slave so long, well when  you get a foot slave who gives the best foot messages, and know how to worship Mistresses feet to perfection, well then they stay FACT.

When he crawls behind my bare feet looking admiringly at the heels of my feet and hoping [praying and wishing that Mistress gives him that special gift even if it’s for a moment, just to touch them worship them sniff them, then that’s the kind of slave I want.

He was sentenced to a life as Mistresses foot slave and when he is in this country his first port of call is to call Mistress, he knows this and will never sway of that path.

Foot slave will only ever be released if Mistress thinks that it would be in his or I best interests, and it’s not right now so he shall keep his place.

I am going to upload one picture from a set of 5 that are on my only fans page, so if you enjoy Latex then I suggest you become a fan, also there is so much to see in there that will not be put for everyone else to see.

You can watch clips and see photos little threads and also video messages.

The link is below follow it you don’t want to miss out now do you, and anyway stop being tight and wanting stuff for free show you adoration it’s about bloody time.

New clips added to my film site, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THEM.


My gift list details are also below.


Mistress is also having quite a hefty vet bill to pay very soon so all donations towards this would be greatly appreciated, its very RARE Mistress asks anything from you all, so if you would like to help then the account details are bellow, Thankyou

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Foot Slave