Good Evening,

I know I know you have been patiently waiting for this news page, and I suppose that is all part of it, I keep you waiting as long as I want because I am the Mistress and you all do as I say, well lets hope you all do or it could mean that you’re not ready to be inside Mistress stable and that would  mean with out Mistress in your lives you would very cold place instead.

The last time Mistress posted a news page it was coming up to my birthday, and yes I had a very good birthday celebrating with my Mistress friend.

I did get some wonderful gifts from some of you, and I would like to say thank you for them, they never went unnoticed and I was pleased that some of you enjoyed making Mistress happy and showing your devotion towards me.

I am not one to put each and every gift I receive up, firstly because that would take up too much of my time, and I do not have time for that oh no , I would rather be playing in real-time sessions or online, or answering the door to more gifts, butt and this is a but if you would like me to announce you to the world, or even humiliate you for spoiling me instead of yourself then just say so on the note with the gifts and I will then decide if I shall or shall not.

I have been back in the dungeon and as a lot of you know throughout the summer months I like to spend time with my ponio, some may find it hard to get to see me, but at the moment I am back in the dungeon every day apart from most Sundays, so there is no need to fear and you can wipe the tears away, as you will get to see me.

It also looks like the slut train is moving, I seem to be humiliating the shit of everyone at the moment and turning them into cock sucking little whores, well what can I say a slut in panties on her knees begging for my c**k not bad, or deep throating some wanker with my foot watching them pretty toes of mine slowly going further into the gob of a wide-eyed sub.

Yes all fun and games right know.

It still surprises me how many of you think I am scared to visit Mistress Athena the way she yields that cane, it’s not all about the cane know is it and besides unless you have earned Mistress using her arms like a morning at the gym to punish you then do not flatter yourselves, I save that for the ones that don’t scream hahaha.


A few pictures of my slave Gina Eleise and Myself and Mistress Real

So new clips added to my store, you can find them here the link below.


New povs including #FootWorship #LeatherFetish #SlaveTraining plus much much more her at my FanPage link below.


So I am available each day as stated above in my dungeon, Sundays are not available until further notice or with advanced booking and if I find it fits around my plans, I mean Mistress Matters More.


You may contact me via my email address or telephone, DO NOT TEXT you will not be given a reply.

Mistress Athena #YorkshireDominatrix 

#TAMEROFmen #MistressofSeduction 



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