Good Evening, and Finally I get to write a news page

Its been a turbulent 2 weeks  in Mistress Athena life, so much to tell and not enough time.

Every one presumes a Mistresses life runs smooth, and well I suppose that is what many would want you to believe if that is all you read on social media, ie twitter, but that is not the case.

I do not  sugar coat shit I say it how it is and if I have nothing to say I do not make shit up to sound amazing, I just do not say anything, however when I do not write sometimes I am super busy.

Last week Mistresses heels did not stop, I was in the dungeon and the play was full on, it was an amazing week, and I had lots of fun, but within a week things changed.

Mistress received some news that blew me away and not in a good way, that news will be kept to myself, but I must say it was heart breaking for me, from this I then got poorly was it to do with the news I received I am not sure but I do think it was linked, I have spent a few days in bed resting and walking trying to get well, I am a lot better know.

So you see I am giving you all an insight to things that are not seen.

I am strong there is no denying that, and I can be one hell of a bitch but I do have things to deal with.

So when Mistress goes quiet it’s not because I am abandoning you all, quite the opposite, it’s because the time is needed for Mistress to be the ultimate Dom that I am, or it’s quite simply because I have nothing to say and lies I will not tell.

Today I have spent sometime going over emails and editing clips, and tomorrow I shale be in the dungeon.

I am available tomorrow and bank holiday Monday then I am away in London until Thursday and back in the dungeon Friday.

You may call or email for sessions.

If you would like a custom clip made, which are none stop at the moment, then do email or you can request them from my Iwantclips store.

You can see my newest collection of clips here also


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A Week in the Life of Mistress Athena