Good Evening my Loyal and Humble Slaves and Followers,

Title Toilet Training,….now this is something i am getting asked for over and over again of late,now if you payed more attention you would see from my service page,it is NOT a service i provide,SCAT that is.

Now i do nectar drinking,this i enjoy,but as far as scat goes its a defiant no go area with me,so could you take more interest in my webpage that is specifically there under SERVICES it will help you to find out what i do from what i DONT.

Now in the Leeds Chambers Of Depravation the facility as far as Bathrooms go,is second to none,its amazing, beautiful bathroom suite,over head shower,tiled all over to top spec,and clean,the cleanliness is again second to none.

My Huddersfield Chambers are the same,a double shower cubical and tiled from top to bottom,now i think that the bathroom facility has to be fantastic,as i expect cleanliness from all my subs,and i also want to be able to freshen up after wearing rubber,which can make you very hot and sticky,so this is a MUST for both subs and Mistreses.

Now i received an email earlier and this person did not think i would replie,so i have decided to do one better and post a peice to this blog,so when they read my blog tomorrow,they will feel a sense of pride that I Mistress Athena did read and did enjoy it………. Hello Mistress Athena.
All My regards to you Goddess..
Mistress I can’t tell you how nervous i am
right now to send you this mail. For over a
year i visit your site everyday to watch the
same thing over and over again.
But i couldn’t gather the strength to send
you a mail.
I am deeply in love with you my Mistress.
Everyday when i wake up the first thing i do
is to open my phone and kiss the pic of your
feet and it’s the last thing that i do before
sleeping too.
I couldn’t help myself but to think about you
Many times in a day. Don’t know why and
how but i am deeply in Love with You.

What a email and it was alot longer but that is not for your eyes,so Thankyou to the sender maybe one day we may meet.

New Clips added today Kneeing in the Balls hope you all enjoy,and i will be back tomorrow with more news…….Slave Small Dick i missed a few of your calls,so ring back tomorrow

Toilet Training