Good Evening all,

Well Mistress has been neglecting you all of late haven’t I.

I have been so so busy with #CustomClips and sessions and then on top of that I have had some of my own personal vanilla stuff to deal with, which I can know say I am seeing a light at the end of a long tunnel.

Its been a very hectic few weeks, and I have not even found that much time for myself.

When a sub wants to see Mistress it turns into all wanting the same day or the same hour ect, but luckily I have been able to get most of you in.

My #CustomClips are making a great impact and so many of you are asking for them, the reason behind this can only be my clips are bloody amazing.

So my availability is quite limited know until the 25th of June.

I am available Friday and Saturday this week, NOT Sunday.

I am then available Monday the 12th all day, Tuesday afternoon, then Wednesday and Thursday all day.

I am away then on holiday and will be back playing on Sunday the 25th  of June.

So on another note its just over a month until my BIRTHDAY THE 13TH OF JULY.

Do not miss the greatest day on EARTH.

You can send gifts via Amazon or Monetary gifts so Mistress can indulge in what ever she likes via my Findom/Gifts page on this site.


Know for some more amazing news.


Yes Mistress Real will be joining me in my Dungeon for my Birthday period.

She will be available on the 11th and 12th of July, for solo sessions with her alone or #DoubleDom with us both.

If you would like to enquire then you may contact myself or Mistress Real directly here

So get your sessions booked before I go away, spoil me via my wishlist.

New clips added to my site not to be missed you have been warned


Stay Devoted

Mistress Athena    TAMEROFmen