Good Evening

Some of you may have noticed I am using the TAMEROFmen quite a lot.

This is because this is how I see myself and this is what identifies me and makes me different as some others have the same name as me, so ¬†it will allow subs to know that this is Yorkshire’s Mistress Athena.

So when you see this tag of mine anywhere you will know that Mistress will TAME YOU, and MOULD YOU, and also leave you powerless and under my TOTAL CONTROL.

Mistress has been in the dungeon most of the week, the weather has been dire so I have not been in the great outdoors much.

This has not bothered me, as I have had so much fun playing.

It’s quite difficult as to know what to write anymore, the reason for this is the new laws.

Soon there will be certain words that can not be used, also pictures that can not be used, so you will see the things I post on here will no longer be any of the heavier play.

I will at some point be setting up a new letter, this may be better for you to sign up for, as I will more than likely be writing my news page on their then it will be sent to the correct audience.

Everything is being made harder for Adult Sites, however I can see the concern for many people, so when it happens it happens, just know that my news letter is there as a way for you all to get my news page.

So I need to carry on doing some more work on here this evening owe the joys hahaha.

I am available all week apart from Sunday as yet but you never know I could be available on Sunday also if the weather is crap.

I will be at the Famous OWK later this year filming alongside my dear friend Mistress Real, I am really looking forward to this.

There will be some hardcore filming taking place which Mistress loves.

There is the opportunity for 1 or 2 slaves to join me for filming, know this is a chance of a life time for the Masochist.

If you can take a hard caning, whipping, ballbusting cbt, then contact me, I will then see if you are capable or genuine and then give you the details.

There is a fee for subs coming to the OWK plus your flights and also a small tribute for Mistress and stating the obvious Mistresses company.

I also have in the pipe line collaborating with 2 UK Mistress for filming and they are both fantastic Mistresses so getting excited about that.

I hope you all have enjoyed my news and will write soon.

Mistress Athena TAMEROFmen

New clips have been added to my store, I SAY YOU TAKE A LOOK AND PURCHASE A GREAT DEAL OF THEM KNOW……


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It’s always nice and makes me happy when GIFTS arrive