Good afternoon to you all,

Silence is GOLDEN as always with slave silence.

He is such a fantastic little sub, always goes above and beyond when it comes to Mistress.

Always so pleased to be in my presence, and I am always happy to have him around.

His name is silence as I am sure you have guest is because he is very quiet in play and I mean very quiet, unless you  knew he was there you would not know he was there hahaha.

We had some fun playing with bondage using ropes, also sensory deprivation and face sitting (clothed) before anyone asks or assumes I do not do face sitting naked or without my clothes on.

It was a great session as always and pictures are added with this blog.

New films have been added to my store, and all as amazing as the last take a look.


My WISH LIST has not moved whats wrong with you all, do you not like to see Mistress smile.


I am available every day in my dungeon in Huddersfield, I also offer outcalls and overnights.

You may call or email.

Mistress Athena




Silence is GOLDEN