Good Evening all,


Today today today, its been a hell of a morning is the only thing I can say about today.

I received some very sad news this morning, my friend who I have know forever sadly passed away last night, sudden heart attack and so young.

It really knocked me for 6 this morning as I have had so many laughs and good times with this person, and for sure I am going to miss the laughs alone.

I decided to cancel my day today, and instead I spent a day with my horses and just spending sometime admiring the countryside and taking a step back to remember.

As sad as I am I am also honoured to have had this person in my life, I am ok do not get me wrong and as I write this news page I feel relaxed and happy, its just a shock.

Life must go on and they would not want me to sit around moping as this person was a happy go lucky sort, and because of this I will not.

I have tho been in touch throughout the day with a sub whom has been under going a task all week, how ever it has been a fail.

The punishment for this task will be sent to him this evening.

So this secret code is for him alone to crack, I want him to crack the code over the weekend and see if he can redeem himself, lets hope so.

If he loses he shall be sent to solitary no communication with myself or anyone else on twitter or any other social network for 5 days.

However if he passes he shall redeem himself and he gets to show Mistress his gratification in any way he desires, this could come in the form of a email thanking Mistress for taking the time out to even give him this test, it could come in the form of flowers sent, a gift card anything at all, just acknowledgement towards Mistress for her time.











For the sub in question good luck, DO NOT let me down.

Try your best and more, Mistress gives 100% always and I want the same plus more in return.


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Mistress Athena




Secret Code