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I tried this morning and have come back to try again to write this news page, my site was playing up and I could not seem to get in the back end, so just before wanting to throw my screen out the window, hey presto I am back in again, the screen obviously did not want the punishment I was about to show it.

Mistress is available tomorrow Saturday the 18th of Feb, then again on Monday the 20th of Feb, Tuesday the 21st,  and then only the morning of the 22nd, then as normal until 27th.

Loss of a Game

Mistress will sometimes play games, and in these games I play there is always a winner and a loser,,,, I can guarantee I always win, WHY because I am the Mistress and the Mistress never losers, the games are never fixed they just turn out so hard that you can never win.

The sub/slave in question here that played the game with Mistress lost of course and owed Mistress his bare behind, for him to receive 50 strokes of the cane.

He came and he took the punishment that he owed to Mistress.

The great thing about this sub/slave is it was a day of awakening, I think is the only way to describe it.

With out going into two much detail, I shall say this, throughout the play he managed to earn another 6 strokes, so in total 56, but he took them and I was so pleased with him for taking them, he did extremely well bravo.

His bottom was a bit of a mess nothing on the scale of how it could be with 100 strokes hahaha but it was a great sight to see, picture with news page.

So if you are reading this news page BE WARNED if I say a number of strokes, I mean that number of strokes, I will not let you of the hook at half the number you will receive what number was given initially.

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Loss of a Game