Good Morning,


Mistress went away on a Spanish holiday, the holiday was meant for a week, unfortunately I came back after two days, sometimes that just the way the cookie crumbles, so no tan and no pictures, however all was not lost I still got plenty of rest when I got back.

I am hoping that I will get another break away in the sun before too long will just have to wait and see.

I have been back in the dungeon and playing and am available each day know until the 17th when I will be away again for a few days, this time in the UK, but still on holiday, so if you are wanting to come in then do not hesitate to book a session.

So its that time of year again when I hope you all dig deep and make Mistresses BIRTHDAY SPECIAL.

Its the 13th of July so 12 days¬†from today, its quite funny how so many of you say oh sorry Mistress I didn’t know and yes you did its always on blogs and news feeds and pretty much all over.

So put your words into actions this year.

I have a gift list which is below, but also if you contact me I can also give you a heads up on other things I want, yes want hahha.


As I said on my last news page, Mistress Real will be joining me in Huddersfield on the 11th and 12th of July, we are offering double dom and also solo sessions, there is still a few spaces left, so if you would like to experience something so amazing and out of this world then do contact either one of us.

On the 13th I will be out spending a day in a hotel and spa and also in the evening having a meal and drinks with Mistress Real, you are all more than welcome to pay for the meal or the drinks by gifting me here


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So remember its all about me Mistress Athena its my special day and its time to show your adoration.

I have uploaded some pictures from sessions over the week gone, for you all to enjoy.

I have added new clips to my store also.

CLIP STORE click here

So until next time

Mistress Athena TAMEROFmen