Good Morning all,

Well its the last day of 2016 and I would just like to take this chance to wish you all a,



2016 has been quite the year so much has happend   quite a few changes.

I have had new subs inside the dungeon walls and I hope to see more new faces this coming year.

I have also said goodbye to some amazing slaves, For one reason and another sometimes life throws dilemmas at us and things need to change, To these slaves I just want to wish you all a great new year and hope that 2017 treats you well.

Mistress is in the dungeon today and maybe tomorrow, There will be no partying for myself as drinking is not something I enjoy, Well the felling the day after I do not.

I am indecisive whether or not to go out on a very long hack with the horse tomorrow or spend it in the dungeon, we shall see.


This coming year I shall me looking for a new sub one who is loyal who will really go the ends of the earth for Mistress.

I want a slave who has Mistress best interests at heart, Well I hope all my subs but these are the quality’s I look for.

I want a slave that can be my PA and someone I can count on at all times.

Someone who is into caning which is a area I like to play in.

A shopper who will not ask questions and purchase what I need at that given moment.

So if this is you then drop me a email and we can see what happens.

I have some great clips added to my store and time allowing today there will be some changes on my site.


Available in Huddersfield and Leeds

So from Mistress Athena have a great New Years Eve and a even better 2016



Happy New Year