Good afternoon all

Well it’s that time of year again

So I would like to wish every one of you a Kinky Happy Christmas.

Its been quite the year ups and downs and so on, but its Christmas and time to celebrate.

There will be no doubt lots of kinky party’s around the festive season.

So I hope you all enjoy them each and every one of you.

Mistress will only be away from the dungeon on the 25th and 26th I am then available you may call or email.

I have some tour dates also available but will be added in my next post which will be just before the New Year.

However this is my first stop of my tour, Double Dom with Mistress Vixen

Whilst its Christmas there is plenty you can still do to stay fresh in Mistresses mind, a lot of subs fans etc are always telling Mistress shes amazing and emailing and so on, but never ever helping Mistress along, and there is ways of doing this , you can sign up to my onlyfans ? You could purchase my clips ?

Tribute through online banking ? or Gift from my Wishlist so you see time to put your money where your mouth is, and do something for your Mistress.

Links below to keep you and I happy over Xmas.





I will be back with a news page before the new year, I have also added a free clip which is from my only fans just to give you something for Christmas.

Mistress Athena TAMEROFmen


Christmas is HERE