Good afternoon,

Mistress does not want you to MISS out on the opportunity to serve me in the BIG SMOKE

On many occasion I get emails and texts to see if Mistress will be travelling down south and conducting sessions, and each and every time im asked the answer is always NO.

The reason for this is because I have so much on in the North, and everything else that comes with touring there is the hotel, the chambers , the advertising , the travel costs ect, know if I was to have 1 or 2 exceptional slaves that took care of all these things for Mistress then I would come more often, I mean a lot more often, however how it is right know that wont be happening.

So know your luck is in as Mistress is coming and will be there for 2 days .

23rd of March 2018

I will be in East London and Walthamstow at the amazing Murder Mile Studio, I have visited the Murder Mile before, and that is the reason I am returning the place is amazing.

I am filming in the daytime at MurderMile, I have 2 spaces left for filming, if you are interested in taking part then do contact me via email.

I am then sessioning, and have nothing left on this day in question, sorry guys you snooze you loose, after sessions I will be heading to a nice restaurant with a sub of mine.

24th of March 2018

This day I shall be in North London in Barnet at the Barnet Bastille, at the wonderful Miss Kitty Bliss dungeon.

Some of you may have had the chance to film with myself and Miss Kitty Bliss, and if you have you will not of forgotten it, we work well together, very well.

We are offering Double Dom sessions and also I will be offering solo sessions, however be quick as we are also filming so there is limited time available.

Contact for either of these days,


I am now available in West Yorkshire at my dungeon until further notice, same day appointments are available if I have the time.

My new site should be up and ready in the next 2 weeks.

Valentines is coming so my wish list is on here for you to gift me.

My details for my bank are also available on my findom page for those that want to help towards my hefty very bills.

A Powers

ACC 10055220

SORT 20-35-84


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